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2019 Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 Leather Luxury Interior • 144

• 45,000 miles

• Max Fan

• 100 ah Battle Born Lithium Battery

• 200 watts of Renogy solar panels

• Victron DC to DC charger

• Victron Solar Charger

• The best fuses money can buy

• Dometic 35x fridge

• Two burner stove

• Dometic 5 gallon toilet (brand new never used)

• SureFlo water pump

• Two 5 gallon fresh water tanks

• 8 gallon holding tank fitted with electronic release valve

• Under carriage lighting that changes to whatever color you want.

• Diesel heater (uses about .8 gallons every 24hr. Keeps the cabin toasty even in 0 degree weather.

• Hanging area for clothes.

• Epoxied flooring in cabinets

• Marmoleum flooring with 1/2 insulation under

• Dual zoned lighting with dimming

• Towing package

• 5 key fobs

• 100,000 mile warranty

Sandy is an amazing and capable 4x4 van that has given me over a year of pure pleasure. I've taken her to over 20 states exploring the peaks of the rockies and the shores of the Great Lakes and Pacific Ocean. There is not one scratch in the cockpit as I've never let any metal in the cockpit. She literally looks like she just drove off the lot. Service B was just complete 5,000 miles ago. She was outfitted with ruggedness, comfort and longevity in mind. As a pilot and having built my own cabin I knew quality and simplicity was key.  The diesel heater that warms without the engine running feeds fuel from the van tank keeps you warm in the coldest of nights high in the mountains. The MaxFan keeps you cool in the heat of the desert. The garage was built to keep things separate and organized while still fitting 2 large frame mountain bikes. The removable garage/living area divider allows for a kayak or longboard inside or you can put it on the roof where there is a rack. I used lightweight roofing because it never made sense to me adding weight to a tall vehicle if it will be off road.  The removal 5 gallon fresh water tank allows for easy filling up at any grocery store water dispenser. Grey water holding tank is emptied with a flick of switch behind the driver. Over head storage, is great, as is the hanging closet, and multiple drawers. I am sure there is a lot missing, feel free to ask!  

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